Fertilizing & Weed Control

Get Rid of Ugly Spots and Weeds

Brown spots and weeds are real eyesores and they can quickly damage healthy grass. You can have the beautiful green lawn you’ve always wanted with proper treatment. Our skilled professionals know exactly how and when to apply the appropriate treatments to ensure your complete satisfaction. Exclusively using premium products for superior fertilization and weed control, our weed killer blend allows you to return to your lawn in just one hour, a stark improvement over the 24-hour waiting period with competitor products.

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Total weed kill and noxious grass control
    • By using a granular instead of liquid fertilizer, we are able to treat larger lawns at a cheaper price, but still get great results
  • Phragmites weed control
    • Our specialized treatments effectively target persistent phragmites weeds, ensuring thorough control
  • Not a tanker company
    • A thick, healthy lawn doesn’t usually have weeds, so we treat weeds individually instead of spraying the entire lawn
  • Individual service
    • We service lawns individually, custom to the needs of your grass
  • Environmentally friendly
    • By feeding the lawn naturally through the root system, this allows a targeted approach that is more eco-friendly than spraying the whole lawn
  • Guaranteed results
    • Through routine lawn treatments, your property can be weed free, and we offer free re-treats with our seasonal lawn care programs

We offer weed control for residential, commercial, and retail properties within a 75-mile radius of Green Bay. Contact us for an estimate, we guarantee service within 2 business days!

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