Wet Spring! UGH!


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Wet Spring! UGH!

By turfpro78084762, May 14 2019 03:16PM

With this unusually wet weather we are having this spring it has made it difficult to get out and do your spring clean ups and power thatchings. If it is too wet to perform these this spring, don't worry. Just clean up your lawn through out the coarse of the summer and if you can, do a fall core aeration. This will help to reduce that thatch layer that you couldn't get at because of moisure and keep your lawn healthy and green.

One other thing to be aware of this spring with this wet weather is lawn disease. If you see any strange discoloration in your lawn you should call a professional right away! Some diseases can wipe out your entire lawn in no time. At Turf Pro these service calls are free and if you are a potential new customer this lawn anaylsis is free as well.

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