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By turfpro78084762, May 14 2019 03:16PM

With this unusually wet weather we are having this spring it has made it difficult to get out and do your spring clean ups and power thatchings. If it is too wet to perform these this spring, don't worry. Just clean up your lawn through out the coarse of the summer and if you can, do a fall core aeration. This will help to reduce that thatch layer that you couldn't get at because of moisure and keep your lawn healthy and green.

One other thing to be aware of this spring with this wet weather is lawn disease. If you see any strange discoloration in your lawn you should call a professional right away! Some diseases can wipe out your entire lawn in no time. At Turf Pro these service calls are free and if you are a potential new customer this lawn anaylsis is free as well.

By turfpro78084762, Sep 25 2017 07:48PM

Summer is over but you wouldn't know it by the weather. Hottest days of the year come in September? Either way the leaves are already starting to fall. We offer full service fall clean ups. That includes blowing out all landscape beds, under decks, etc. Bagging entire lawn area and haul the leaves away if needed. Call 1-800-850-TURF to schedule your fall clean up today!

By turfpro78084762, Apr 13 2017 06:51PM

Looks like spring is finally here! Don't for get to get your crabgrass preventive down before the ground temperature gets to warm! Also don't forget that once you apply that grabgrass preventive down it will prevent any seed from germinating including regular grass seed. So if you are planning on doing any reseeding of bare spots or dog damage do not use grabgrass preventive for your first application.

By turfpro78084762, Oct 10 2016 05:57PM

With a name like Turf Pro you would't expect us to be a commercial snow removal company but yet we are! As a matter of fact we are one of the largest and most respected snow contractors in the area. We have over 15 plow trucks, plus our subs. We have heavy equipment like front end loaders, skid steers, mini loaders and tool cats. We also specialize in sidewalks and removal of snow off site. In addition we offer salting and ice melt services. We are a full service snow removal company and can help you with you snow removal needs. Please call or email for a free estimate. Many, many references availible upon request.

By turfpro78084762, Jun 20 2016 05:32PM

Spring started out rainy and got dry real fast at the end of May but now it seems to be raining at least once a week! This will help to keep your lawn nice and green but you may experiance weed problems because of all the moisture. Summer specials start today for weed contol only. Call 1-800-850-TURF for a free estimate!

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